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The Backstory. How it All Started.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Curly hair has its own mind. I was reminded of this every month when my hair grew an inch out from my relaxer. Even though my curly hair made my skin crawl I still wondered what does my hair actually look like?

I mean in middle school I literally prayed that I would wake up with different hair, "better" hair. I wasn't always curious. I really just loved the relaxer life and my silky smooth hair when I straightened it.

But after starting college, removing the toxic friendships and then gaining reciprocating relationships, embracing myself in other areas of life, I figured why not? I just had to try this whole "natural journey."

If I didn't like it. I could always just get another relaxer? ... Right?

I had absolutely no clue how to handle my curly hair, what I was in for, if I would like it (even though I was sure I would hate it) or how to even start "going natural."

Yet, the first move I made was taking pictures of the progress. I wanted to see how fast my hair was growing–if it was even growing–and record all this stress I was going through. I needed support.

Thus creating Z.curlz, now The Curlfriend, For the Curlfriends. My thought was maybe I hate my hair because I never see curly hair. Where I grew up, curly hair, in general, was sparse, let alone having black girl hair...So, I started following ALL the public figures I could find that embraced their curls!

Women that looked like me and gave advice on how to care for a wild and sassy fro.

Starting my journey in 2016, I realized that us curlfriends really just need encouragement. No matter if we are just starting our journey, or are natural for 10+ years, voicing the beauty of how corkscrew, pin-sized coils, to zig-zaggy spiral textures are, is important.

Us curlfriends have to stick together to remind one another that although our hair isn't common, it still is beautiful...even when your brush breaks on wash day.


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