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A Wig That Won't Break the Bank

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

If you've been on my IG page recently, I hope you caught my Reel where I pop on the cutest wig EVER!

Headband wigs are "all the rage" because they're super easy to put on, while getting a seamless, effortless, and gorgeous look without all the materials lace fronts require.

Okay, okay, I know you're like, GIRL, so where'd you get it?

The answer. AMAZON *cue heavenly music*

I was on the search for a headband wig that looked natural because I wanted to honestly where it "in replace" of doing my hair (ya girl is TIRED).

And, through legit days of searching, I found MORICA Wigs.

Unfortunately, the hair is synthetic, but the quality is MUCH more than the sales price of $25. YES ONLY $25!

Which one did I get?

I specifically got the 'Black Mix Brown' wig, but they also have a Natural Black, Red, and a pretty Auburn (I'm about to get the auburn...maybe).

What I love about this wig is that I've been wearing it for like a week now and the hair is still shiny and fluffy, soft, and pretty even after brushing it every night and wearing it ALL day every day.

I of course, take it off at night, but it keeps well, so far, and is making my life so much easier! It takes seriously, 1-minute to put it on and BAM ready.

When I first got it, I did notice a tiny bit of an "extra" shine (but nothing like the shine you get with most synthetic wigs that make you look like a barbie doll).

How I styled it.

I took some dry shampoo—I used The Yellow Bird's Grapefruit and Lavender Dry Shampoo—visit the link for a discount if you're interested in buying!—

—and then I combed it in and did that twice, the night before wearing it, and let it sit ... and it was—*chef's kiss*—perfect!

I also used my favorite gel (and a bamboo toothbrush dedicated to my baby hairs) to slick back my edges and make them look straight. I didn't blow dry or straighten my hair to get the sleek look!

In the sun, it looks natural as well—which is always a concern for me with synthetic wigs!

As of right now this babe is out of stock — but it will be in stock soon (because it also said that for me prior to buying, and took about a day for it to return to stock)!

So, are we gonna be twins?—Get the wiggy!

Until next time,

The Curlfriend

P.S. If you're looking for a more detailed video of me putting on a wig, check out this one here!

This one is older, but I still braid my hair in dutch braids (usually 2) and tuck my ends up with bobby-pins as shown in the video!

I also love using gels instead of creams because it creates less product build-up when keeping the wig on (and really in general for me—l o l).


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