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My Top Fav Eco-friendly Products From 2019

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Embracing the naturalness of my hair has extended to the products I use. I've been dabbling in the eco-friendly and sustainable realms this year, trying to figure out what products fulfill their purpose while also having zero to little impact on our dear Mother Earth. With that, let's begin!

Shampoo Bar

This product has improved my hair (even when I thought it was already at its best) by making it stronger, shinier, and all-around healthier.

It’s a great price of $10 and lasts [me] about 3 months—talk about lessening your carbon footprint AND saving money!

2. Bob's Red Mill Flaxseeds

To make flaxseed gel, of course. I mean, technically I can't really say how great they are since these are the only flaxseeds I’ve made flaxseed gel with.

But!—I can say that I don’t even want to try another brand because of how well they cooked into my perfect eco-friendly gel!

3. Always PURE Pads

These pads (they also have tampons) work wonders without all those icky chemicals! I have also tried the Organic Initiative’s organic cotton pads as well! Check out my in-depth review of why I switched to 100% sustainably derived cotton pads!

4. Ethique (Rustic) Solid Deodorant

FINALLY— I found a great sustainable deodorant woohoo! I've tried two other deodorants and I was hoping this babe would be a winner winner vegetable dinner.

I haven’t tried its durability in the summer months yet. But I can tell I may have some promising results.

This deodorant didn't leave any burns (I have a sensitivity to baking soda, which is common, believe it or not). And on top of not being burned, it smells wonderful. I'll post a full review on my Insta soon!

4.1 Pitstop

Which brings me to this next deodorant (picture not shown). Pitstop deodorant—sustainable—but with baking soda. If you don’t have an allergy or a sensitivity to baking soda, I think it may possibly be a win.

It smells great and leaves the armpits smelling fresh. Of course, I had to take it off in less than an hour so I can't give a full review. BUT!—if you're not sensitive to it, I’d try it out!

5. Bamboo and Wowe Toothbrush

I’ve tried Wowe’s biodegradable bamboo handle toothbrushes—which are great too! I prefer the shape of the Bamboo’s handles and the fact that 10 come in a pack, rather than Wowe’s 4 pack!

Either, can really do the job and are very similar, so I recommend both!

They’re fairly priced and compostable AND biodegradable, which means less in the landfills! OR you can remove the bristles and use the handles in a garden!


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