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Vegan Gel Polish: Non-toxic From Head to Toe!

Updated: May 21

It seems like you may have to compromise nice nails if you are using vegan polish, but that's not the case! Vegan gel polish doesn't mean less glam.

Thanks to Madam Glam, I was gifted a pretty pink and calming grey gel polish and a mini LED light to try this out myself!—Little did I know I would fall in love

It is super simple to use and lasts 6-10 days (depending on how many coats I do, usually 2-3), is smell-free—yes, a polish that doesn't smell like straight up chemicals—and ends up being cheaper than getting your nails did!

Now, my nails are super sensitive and break easily so I was a little skeptical as to how this gel would work.

But to my surprise, it didn't peel my natural nails or damage them after removing the polish. It also allowed my nails to grow nice and long.

The polish is strong enough to be a protective layer, but light enough to be damage free!

How I Applied My Gel Polish

  1. First, start with clean hands, remove cuticles, file nails in your desired shape, and apply one thin layer of the basecoat polish. Then pop your nails under the mini LED for 1 min.

  2. Apply a thin layer of your Madam Glam gel polish color, of your choice! Then sneak your nails under that mini LED again, for another minute.

  3. You can add another layer (as you desire, I recommend 2-3). Each time you add a layer of gel polish, make sure you put your nails under the light for another minute.

  4. After, apply one thin layer of the topcoat and put your hands under the LED light for 1 min.

  5. Then your nails will have a gummy texture (that's the gel), so you can use a cotton ball or 100% soft cotton cloth and a cleanser (I use rosewater) to gently wipe and remove the gummy texture.

In total, it takes me about 8-10 minutes to do both nails! Right after you wipe the gummy gel off, your nails are all set too. So, no touching things delicately because you're afraid to mess up your nails LOL.

Removing Your Gel Polish

It can look a bit freaky when you add the gel remover, but it works!

I applied a thin layer of the gel polish remover and waited for about 2 minutes.

You can leave it on for a few minutes (and use aluminum foil to cover each finger, I didn't because I didn't want to create the waste and it worked fine)!

Then you can peel off the gel and file the parts that didn't peel off.

The basecoat does protect your nails nicely because after removing the gel I didn't experience any damage and my nails are still nice and long!


This gel is great! It can tolerate me washing, braiding, using bobby-pins, in my hair and stay intact, which NEVER happens when I use regular polish.

It has no scent, lasts longer, and comes in a variety of colors! It's easy to use and in the long run, cheaper than going to get your nails done. Not to mention you don't have to expose yourself to the chemicals at the nail salon!

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