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Summer Skin: That Summer Glow with....

Updated: May 21

TerraEssentials Face Masques!

TerraEssentials is the earth-conscious heavily melanated woman-owned business we’ve all been waiting for!

*Drum Roll*

If you haven’t peeped at TerraEssentials after seeing my mini-posts about how much I love the samples—YOU’RE MISSING OUT!

After trying their samples, I am sold, shook, and ready to buy every single product.

So let's talk their facemasks! For my curlfriends that wear makeup, we all know how important it is to clean your skin and use products that are non-comedogenic (that don’t clog pores) and allow the skin to breathe while moisturizing it, etc, etc.

TerraEssentials offers a wide variety of facial products with different alluring scents, formulations, from bars, to different kinds of body butter, to masques.

That brings me to...reviewing how to (and how I) apply facemasks, which ones I’ve tried and, what I would use them for again, in the future!

How I Apply All My Masks

1. Always start with a clean face. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

2. Lightly dry your face so it is still damp, then with clean hands apply the mask to your face evenly OR just for problem areas on the skin.

Every mask is different and just because you have enough to cover your whole face, doesn’t mean you have to.

I feel in the summer I apply masks pretty evenly because I enjoy feeling that refreshed, my-pores-are-empty feeling, all over my face.

3. After washing off the mask with lukewarm water, I apply a light scent-free moisturizer.

SIDE NOTE * If I have HUGE pimples, I apply Oxy cream on it and by morning my face is less red and clear—yassss #glowing.

Mocha Mint Masque AKA "After a Long Day Masque"

This mask is a great way to end your day after spending the majority of it being outside! Also, it smells WONDERFUL.

I was so tempted to eat it, HA, but seriously, DON’T. It has peppermint so it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.

It opens your pores and makes it feel like all of the junk built up from sweating in the sun is being sucked up by the mask.

And, surprisingly my skin felt very moisturized after use, even though when it was applied to my face, it felt similar to a charcoal face-mask just with a minty finish.

Oats & Honey Masque AKA "The Moisturizer"

What a moisturizer! This mask is perfect for dry skin (or eczema-prone skin—like mine)!

I can imagine in the winter months, this will be my go-to because I naturally have oily skin.

However, using this in the summer is great when the AC is high and or you naturally have dry skin.

It provides light moisture without it being overwhelming. In fact, it didn’t make my skin any oiler, just supple, soft, and smelling like an oatmeal cookie!

Pumpkin & Spice Masque AKA "The Pimple Popper"

This mask SMELLS… JUST LIKE… PUMPKIN PIE. It took all of my being to not eat the sample and just apply it to my face HA.

But I swear that all my whitehead pimples were ready to be popped when I applied this mask. When I woke up in the morning my skin was smoother and softer than the night before.

Although I popped some ready-to-be-gone pimples, my skin wasn't irritated in the morning *GASP*

It was also moisturizing, similar to the Oat and Honey mask, but didn't affect my oily skin in a negative way.

Overall Review

TerraEssentials gets FIVE STARS! I think for my specific skin type and needs, I would stick with the Pumpkin Spice Masque and occasionally the Mocha Mint Masque (probably for the summer since it's so refreshing)!

However, when my eczema flares (in the winter) I would probably buy a jar of the Oat & Honey Masque.

To get your masques, check out the website (there's a sale right now)!

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