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A Hair Quiz for a Personalized Hair Mask

Updated: May 21

ICI Care reached out to me and asked if I was interested in trying a custom hair mask. I mean, how could I say no?!

Especially, after I looked through their site and saw that this mask not only would be personalized for my hair needs, but it also is 100% natural (and the company is BLACK OWNED)!

You all know me by now, I love natural products and try my best to incorporate natural, organic, vegan, or sustainable products as much as I can into my hair routine and lifestyle!

I simply took a hair quiz and got a personalized mask based on those results. Not to mention the packaging is 100% reusable!

How I Mixed My Mask

There are different ways to mix your mask!

You can use water, avocado, banana, etc. as the base for the paste to create the mask because your personalized ingredients come in the form of powder.

I decided to use water and add 1 tbsp of organic honey.

This gave my mask a nice sweet smell added to its natural earthy leafy scent.

I'm a hippie, so I love the smell of the earth.

I thought it was refreshing that it didn't have any additional fragrances!

How I Applied My Mask

I applied my ICI Care hair mask on clean damp hair.

At first, I started to section my hair but then realized it would be easier to part my hair down the middle and scoop my mask out of the ceramic bowl (that I made, by the way, check out my art website where I will have a lot of new things for sale soon).

It can be messy so, I applied my mask in the shower. I didn't rub the mask into my scalp but applied it from the roots of my hair to the ends.

I left it in for about 10 or so minutes and rinsed it thoroughly. I also detangled before applying the mask so all I had to do was rinse and style my hair!

I saw more of a result over some time than immediately after applying.

My hair is shinier and takes to product better than before, it's bouncier and feels super light—weightless!

This mask will definitely be my go-to when I experience product build-up and new a hair curl pick-me-up!

Peep their Instagram, follow, and support this lovely black-female-owned business!

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