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The Curlfriend for the Curlfriends.

Curlfriend to curlfriend—sharing hair, skin, body, and makeup tips with an earth-conscious twist.


Earth-conscious body care.

A work in progress—but everything I do, I consider how Mother Earth may feel about it. The majority of my cosmetics and haircare are sustainable or eco-friendly. Every chance I get, I'm thinking of ways to limit my plastic consumption and use the most natural products. It's not always easy—but I like a challenge!

Check out my flaxgel recipe YouTube vid or even the blog post with more deets on how to create and store it! 

the curlfriend for the curlfriends blog

About The Curlfriend

Encouraging curlies to feel naturally captivating.

Z.Curlz was created when I first went natural in 2016. I wanted to build a platform that encouraged me to continue my natural hair journey.

My social media accounts were filled with brown-skinned women with curly hair. I felt accepted and learned to appreciate the many textures and skin tones that come along with textured hair.

The Curlfriend was created not long after, in addition to my blog where I hoped to have the same impact that other accounts had on me, and encourage curlies to embrace themselves for who they are. 

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